Cavusin and Cavusin Church

Çavuşin village is among the places that must be seen and visited in Cappadocia. While there are many valleys and ancient settlements here, the historical Çavuşin church is also worth seeing. Moreover, Çavuşin Village has a close relationship with ceramics. In this article, we will give you important information about the places to visit in Çavuşin, especially the fairy chimneys and Çavuşin castle.

First of all, it should not be forgotten that Çavuşin village has a very old historical past. Millions of tourists who come to the region every year have the chance to discover the beauties of Cappadocia and spend time in the beautiful valleys shaped by the winds. Thanks to the guides and agencies, in addition to the walking tours you will take in the region, you can also benefit from different opportunities such as balloon tours, ATV tours and horse tours. There are also many accommodation options in Çavuşin village, which is a must-see for those who want to have an experience full of adrenaline and fun. Cave hotels, rocks, caravans and tents are the most preferred accommodation alternatives in this region.

Where is Çavuşin and How to Get There?

Çavuşin Village is located in Avanos district of Nevşehir. Although it is 15.5 km away from Nevşehir city center, it is located on the Göreme – Avanos road. After taking the Avanos road from Göreme town, you can reach Çavuşin village after 1.5 km. It can be reached by private tours from the city center, or you can go with your personal vehicle.

Information About Çavuşin Village

Çavuşin Village, known to have been home to Christian dervishes in ancient times, is also an important region that has survived from the Roman period to the present day. It is noticed that many rocks have been carved in the region, which literally hosts history. These rocks were carved by the dervishes living at that time to escape and protect themselves from the Romans. In addition, since the soil in the region was infertile, the need for shelter was met in small houses built right next to the rock cavities. Recently, many hotels and accommodation places have been built in Çavuşin village and are developing rapidly.

Çavuşin Village and Ceramics

Known for its churches, Çavuşin village is also a region famous for its handcrafted ceramics. There are workshops in many regions of Cappadocia for these ceramics, which are carefully prepared by the local people. Apart from the beautiful pottery sold, you can also experience it personally. Especially the ceramic museum in Avanos is among the places to visit.

Cavusin Village Places To Visit

The places to visit in Çavuşin Village are listed as follows;
• St. Paul’s Church
• Tickles Church
• The Hidden Church
• Uzumlu Church
• The Church of the Cemals
• Colon Church
• St. Mary’s Church
• The Crusader Church
• St. John’s Church
• Church with 3 Crusades
• 7th Century Frescoes
• Church of the Church
• Church of John the Baptist
• Cavusin Church
Among these listed churches, the Çavuşin Church, which has survived to the present day, should especially be seen.

Cavusin Churches

The Church of John the Baptist, one of the noteworthy churches in Çavuşin, is one of the most important and largest churches built in the 5th century. The Church of St. John the Baptist, the first church of Cappadocia, has a large area and was built with a single apse. After this church, which has a square plan, you can visit the Church of 3 Crosses. This church, which you can reach in a short time on foot, is thought to have been built in the 10th and 11th centuries. The Three Cross church, where we will find depictions of God in its frescoes, is among the places worth visiting in Çavuşin.

Another important church, St. Jean Church, has 2 floors. This church, which has a water channel, wine cellar and cemeteries on the lower floor, has a different church decorated with scenes from the Bible on the upper floor. We definitely recommend you to visit these churches, where the frescoes are worth seeing.

It would be useful to have some information about the Crusader church. It is thought that this church was built between the 6th and 7th centuries. Some additions were made to the church in the 10th century. Consisting of a single main room, the Crusader church is perhaps the most important building after the Çavuşin church.

Çavuşin Church and Its Features

It is seen that Çavuşin church, which has 2 different stairs at the entrance of the church, was built as a church with a single nave and 3 apses. While there are baptismal stones right in front of the left and right apses, the most important events and people of Christianity are depicted on the walls. It can be seen that three different techniques were used in painting the churches. The paintings on the walls of Çavuşin church, which are thought to have been painted with very old techniques due to the erosion of the rocks over time, remain vivid.

Çavuşin church has higher ceilings than other churches. Jesus’ crucifixion, condemnation and crucifixion are depicted. There are also many cemeteries inside the church. These cemeteries were kept in chambers for the dead. As you can see, both Çavuşin church and other churches actually tell us a lot about history. Don’t forget that you can get much more information about places to visit in Çavuşin by participating in tours in the region.

Where is Çavuşin Village Connected?

Although Çavuşin village is a village of Avanos, it is much closer to Göreme. About 2 km from Göreme, this village is a small but charming place. It is known that about 600 people live in the village.
You should definitely add this village, which attracts attention with its small shops and cute structure, as well as its historical texture, to your travel route. You should also visit the church of John the Baptist after visiting the village. This church was built in the 5th century and is still preserved today. It is considered one of the oldest churches in the region.

What to Buy from Çavuşin?

The most notable product in Çavuşin village that you can buy as a gift is pottery. The people of Nevşehir generally prefer pottery suitable for the region, jugs used in testi kebab, and lidded jugs used in cooking.

what to see in cavusin

There are many churches in the village of Çavuşin, located in the central center of the Cappadocia region. Many churches such as Çavuşin church, John the Baptist church, St. Jean church, and 7th Century Frescoes are located in Çavuşin village, which is very close to Göreme Town.

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