Derinkuyu Underground City

Among the places to visit in Cappadocia, there are many researches about Derinkuyu underground city. Looking at these researches, it is seen that questions such as why Derinkuyu underground city was built, the legend of Derinkuyu and how many meters Derinkuyu underground city is often raised. As it is known, Cappadocia attracts attention not only with its above ground but also with its underground structure. While spending time in balloons in daily life, visitors to the region, who take a magnificent ride in the lush green valleys, can also spend time in underground cities in an exciting way. First of all, there are 36 different underground cities in Cappadocia. Derinkuyu underground city is the most magnificent and largest of these cities.

You can find answers to all the questions you wonder about underground city by joining the daily sightseeing tours in the region. You can also get information about everything you are curious about with the guide who will show you around the region. At the end of a perfect day in Ihlara valley, you can visit this underground city and encounter a different experience.

Where is Derinkuyu Underground City?

The underground city, which is connected to Nevşehir Derinkuyu district, is later named as Derinkuyu underground city. Derinkuyu Underground City, which is the largest and most visited underground city in Cappadocia, is approximately 35 km from Göreme. This underground city in Derinkuyu district is actually a unique work considering the architectural and technological possibilities of the period. Discovered in 1967, it is known that this underground city became a living space during the periods when christianity began to spread.

How to go to Derinkuyu Underground City?

The answer to the question of how to get to Derinkuyu underground city is quite simple. For this region, which you can easily reach by following the highway between Nevşehir and Niğde; Nevşehir-Derinkuyu is 30 km. The distance between Niğde and Derinkuyu is 50 km. For those who go by private car, it is enough to mark the Derinkuyu district of Nevşehir province or you can easily reach it using the location below.

Information About Derinkuyu Underground City

Although there is no exact date, it is thought that the ancient Christians settled in Derinkuyu underground city in the 3000s BC, and the most intensely used period is Byzantine. While traces of Assyrian colonies are found in underground city, it is known that the first settlers here were christians who escaped from Roman persecution and came to Kayseri and then to Cappadocia. It is also known that underground city, which does not have an easy entrance, protected christians from both Romans and Arab raiders at that time. When you watch the Derinkuyu underground city documentary, you can see that these topics are covered.

While there was no settlement in the Derinkuyu region until the 1830s, this underground city, which was discovered by chance in 1963, was opened to visitors in 1967. Derinkuyu underground city, which takes its name from dozens of drinking wells with an average depth of 70 meters, was cleaned 8 floors and opened to visitors. The depth of these 8 floors that can be visited reaches 50 meters. It is thought that if all floors of Derinkuyu underground city are cleaned, it can reach up to 13 floors and its depth can be 85 meters. In other words, if you do a research on how many meters Cappadocia underground city is, you can access this information we share and see that an average depth of 85 meters is mentioned.

The most important point to know about Derinkuyu underground city; Before visiting the 8 floors open to visitors, it is necessary to pass through tunnels as narrow as 5 meters. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that people with fear of enclosed spaces may have difficulty. But since Nevşehir Derinkuyu underground city is a truly mysterious region, it is almost in the first place among the must-see places in Cappadocia.

Derinkuyu Underground City Floors and Features

Derinkuyu underground city is one of the must-see places in the region that really preserves its mystery. After moving 5 meters along the corridor-shaped entrance, visitors who reach the 1st floor will notice areas such as living rooms, winery, kitchen and barn.

As of the first floor, it is not yet known how such an area was built under the conditions of the period. You may also be surprised once again after seeing that the masterfully sculpted underground city is ventilated by extremely beautiful air ducts. On the other hand, when you reach the second floor, you can see stables and kitchens, as well as food stores and living rooms. The center of the ventilation shafts is located on the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, after visiting the Missionary school, confessionals, the church built in the shape of a cross and the cemetery, you can reach the 4th floor by following the 12-meter high ceiling.

Visitors who reach the fourth floor of Derinkuyu underground city will encounter a dungeon here. Protected by torch-bearing guards, this floor is actually the area where the need for security is maximized. Because the shelters are also built on the 4th floor. Cemeteries, cisterns, water wells and, of course, vents are also seen on the fourth floor.

While descending to the 5th floor via the staircase, visitors will encounter a new ventilation shaft and will also have the chance to see a tunnel landing coming from the 3rd floor. Immediately after the ventilation shaft, there is a different tunnel leading down to the 7th floor. This tunnel forms the 6th floor. There are 5 different rooms carved out in the tunnel, 2 of these rooms have doors and the other 3 doors have a control room to control the exit. It is useful to make a reminder for visitors. As of the 5th floor, it should be noted that visitors may have some difficulty. Because the narrow tunnels that only one person can pass through start after the fifth floor.

When you reach the seventh floor, you will reach the largest area of Derinkuyu Underground City. While there is a cemetery and a meeting room, there is also a church and a water well. On the 8th floor, which is the last floor open to visitors, there is a room with a ventilation chimney. The tunnels of Derinkuyu underground city, each floor of which has a different beauty, are actually designed so that 1 person can easily pass through. However, even a single person may have difficulty traveling between floors at some points. Human-sized cylinder stones prepared to protect the city from strangers attract all the attention in this underground city. Moreover, the oldest known mental hospital in history is thought to be here. This need was met by pouring linseed oil into the cavities to illuminate the Derinkuyu Underground City.

How Much is Derinkuyu Underground City Entrance Fee?

In 2024, the Underground City entrance fee has been updated to 100 TL. It is thought that this figure will be 100 TL in 2024. Once you arrive in the region, you can instantly access up-to-date information on this subject. Since it is a place within the Ministry of culture and Tourism, you can enter the museum with a card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Derinkuyu Underground City

8 floors of this underground city, which is thought to have a total depth of 85 meters, are open to visitors. There are different rooms, meeting rooms, churches and similar structures on these floors.

Where is Derinkuyu Underground City Map

Is Derinkuyu Underground City open to visitors?

It is open to visitors between 10.00 – 17.00 during the summer period between 1 April – 1 October, and between 08.00 – 17.00 during the winter period between 1 October – 1 April. It is only closed on Monday.

Who built Derinkuyu Underground City?

It is thought that Underground city was founded by the Hittites. However, some archaeologists believe that this city was founded between the 8th century and the 12th century. It is known that the first foundation of the underground city was built by Christians in the 2nd century to escape and hide from the oppression of the Roman Empire. The entrances of the underground city were hidden, and since they thought they could stay inside for a long time, wineries, monastery churches, water wells and ventilation holes were built underground.

How much is Underground City?

Entrance fee is 120 TL for 2023.

Where is Derinkuyu connected to?

Derinkuyu is connected to Nevşehir province. As of 2019, its population is over 20,776.

Who built Derinkuyu Underground City?

It is known that the christians fleeing the Roman, Arab and Byzantine attacks built Derinkuyu underground city.

Where is Turkey’s Largest Underground City?

Derinkuyu underground city is known as the largest underground city in Turkey and the world. It is located in the Derinkuyu district of Nevşehir. Research shows that the underground city dates back to the second century AD. In the Derinkuyu region, there are many underground cities as well as the Derinkuyu Underground City. Especially during the Persian attacks, these underground cities, which were used by christians for shelter, were designed as a living space. In addition, the doors at the entrance of the underground cities are designed to be opened and closed only from the inside. Thus, the people in the region were able to protect themselves from the attacks.

Legend of Derinkuyu Underground City

There are many legends about Underground City. The most well-known of his legends is that the underground city was built by angels. The reason behind this legend is that Derinkuyu underground City was built at the time it was built. For this reason, legendary stories are sought under. According to the legend, angels came to Derinkuyu district and liked it very much and started to live here. However, evil spirits came after him and haunted them. Angels, on the other hand, built this underground city to protect themselves and started to live here.

When was Derinkuyu Underground City Discovered?

Although the construction date goes back thousands of years, the discovery of Derinkuyu underground city took place in 1963. After the works carried out, it was opened to visitors as of 1967. Today, not all floors have been reached. It is estimated that 12 floors will emerge when all floors are opened.

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