Pancarlık Valley

Pancarlık valley is located in Cappadocia, one of the country’s most precious tourist regions that attracts visitors during both summer and winter seasons. Cappadocia is known for its numerous fairy chimneys, expansive valleys, and panoramic viewpoints, making it a magnet for both domestic and international tourists. With its many unique features, Cappadocia is a enchanting destination.

Pancarlık church and the valley possess unparalleled beauty and a magnificent historical texture, leaving visitors in awe as if they have entered a different world. The experience of dining, drinking wine, or enjoying coffee in this region makes everything feel more special. With a rich historical past that encompasses the boundaries of five major cities, Cappadocia offers a variety of different beauties. Pancarlık Valley is one of these captivating attractions, continuing to mesmerize visitors with its historical structures that have managed to survive from ancient times to the present day.

Pancarlık Valley Features

Pancarlık valley is frequently visited by those organizing trips, particularly for sports activities. It is utilized for hiking trails and camping areas. When weather conditions are favorable, the terrain can be used as a camping ground. It is one of the most special areas within the Cappadocia region.

Every region in Cappadocia, every place worth visiting, boasts unique scenery and aesthetics. This leads photographers to capture special shots everywhere they go. Pancarlık valley is one such valley with unique and breathtaking views. It can be enjoyed and immortalized in its beauty. The perfect images created by nature must be witnessed, and the joy must be savored. Organizers of Pancarlık valley trips never miss the opportunity to bring visitors here at sunset. Visitors flock to this area during sunset to witness the perfect sunset view and immortalize these moments.

The combination of greenery, sunlight, and the varying colors of the rocks provides a unique aesthetic. This scenery throughout the journey helps individuals escape from all their troubles and has a therapeutic effect with its perfect nature. The different tones of colors in the rocks in the valley make the view unforgettable when looked at from the top. These formations in Cappadocia have emerged due to various natural events. This unique landscape is a focal point of interest for both local and foreign tourists.

Pancarlik Church Features

Cappadocia is home to numerous churches, each distinguished by its unique frescoes. Visitors to these churches will often encounter frescoes that depict the living conditions of the time, religious beliefs, and various messages carved onto the walls. Among the must-visit places in Pancarlık valley, Pancarlık church takes the top spot. What stands out most in the church is the green-colored floor, exceptionally well-preserved, providing visitors with a visual feast. The architectural style and texture of the church are uncommon and unique compared to other churches.

Pancarlık church dates back to the 11th century. Inside, there are frescoes such as “Appearance of the Prophet,” “Annunciation,” “Visitation,” “Proof of Virginity,” “Following of Elizabeth,” “Wine Miracle,” “Commissioning of John the Baptist,” “Healing of the Man Full of Evils,” “Jesus and the Samaritan Woman,” “Transfiguration,” “Massacre of the Innocents,” “Second Dream of Joseph,” “Escape to Egypt,” “Healing of the Demon-Possessed Man,” “Ascension of Jesus,” “Jesus on the Way to Golgotha,” “Jesus on the Cross,” “Descent of Jesus to Hell,” and depictions of saints.

Architecturally, Pancarlık church has a flat ceiling, a single nave, and a single apse. The church is carved into a large rock mass. The location of Pancarlık church is in the high areas of the valley, surrounded by rocks of different colors, creating an extraordinary view for visitors. The view of the church is a result of natural events.

The surroundings of the churches in Cappadocia have always been more captivating. The areas around the churches have become regions where numerous beauties converge. The mysterious atmosphere of the region impresses visitors even before entering the church.

On the roads leading to Pancarlık church, there are several chapels and monasteries, including pigeon houses. One of the well-known aspects of historical sites in Cappadocia is the emphasis on pigeon houses. Therefore, there are many nesting places along the road to the church. Upon reaching the church, visitors are welcomed by frescoes that are highly impressive in their impact.

Must-See Places Near Pancarlik Church

Pancarlık church is surrounded by areas with unique historical significance that are definitely worth visiting. Sarıca Church, located approximately 1 km away from Pancarlık church, is another remarkable church in the vicinity. This church has undergone restoration. Additionally, Ortahisar Castle, situated in Ortahisar, is also a must-visit location.

Ortahisar castle is approximately 3 km away, and it is an important place that visitors to Pancarlık should not miss. With a stunning view similar to Pancarlık valley, Üzengi valley is also nearby. Situated between Ürgüp and Mustafapaşa towns, this valley offers a different and highly enjoyable scenery, making it a must-add to the travel itinerary. Those who enjoy outdoor activities can take a pleasant walk along Üzengi Stream, following it all the way to Ürgüp. Individuals with confidence in their fitness level can engage in such a nature hike.

Where is Pancarlık Valley?

Pancarlık valley is located on the Nevsehir Ürgüp highway, capturing people’s attention with its unique scenery. It is situated 5 km away from Ürgüp, specifically in the Ortahisar region. Ortahisar is one of the prominent areas that comes to mind when thinking of Cappadocia. Pancarlık valley is found on the Ürgüp Mustafapasa road on the southern side of Ortahisar. Within Pancarlık valley, you can easily observe pigeon houses, chapels, and monasteries, especially in Pancarlık Church.

How much is the Pancarlik Church Entrance Fee?

Pancarlık church has acquired a distinctive historical texture with its unique frescoes. The frescoes, possessing great impressiveness, captivate the attention of every visitor. Pancarlık church is under the municipality’s jurisdiction. Therefore, unlike some historical sites in Cappadocia, the Museum Pass is not applicable here. Visitors can enter and explore the church by paying an entrance fee. The entrance fee for Pancarlık Church is 20 TL.

Where is Pancarlik Church? How to go?

Pancarlık church is located in Ortahisar, just 5 km away from Ürgüp. It is possible to reach the church by climbing up from Pancarlık valley. The church is a must-visit destination on guided tours with Pancarlık Valley excursion guides. Its unique landscape and historical texture never fail to enchant visitors. Walking from Babayan village is another way to reach the church. If done during the appropriate season, the path is adorned with vineyards and greenery, providing a visual feast for visitors. The church can be reached on foot with a breathtaking view. Similarly, other churches near Pancarlık church can also be explored. The region around Pancarlık church offers many places with unique historical traces that are worth visiting.

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