St. Barbara Chapel

Cappadocia is one of the regions with thousands of years of history. Many civilizations have sheltered on it and left their traces. For this reason, it is possible to encounter many churches and chapels. Saint Barbara chapel is one of the important works of art of the region that should be seen.

St. Barbara Chapel History

Azize Barbara chapel in Göreme is located right next to the open air museum, one of the most visited structures in the region. The naive details in its architecture have made it one of the most interesting structures in the Open Air Museum.

It is located right behind the Apple church. The chapel with two columns has a central dome. The branches in the south and north were built with vaults. The other two branches are; it is domed.
The motifs in the St. Barbara Chapel church are drawn on the rocks. The fact that they are red in color is quite remarkable and suggests that there may be abstract meanings underneath. You can see that animals and military symbols are also included in the motifs, as well as geometric shapes that cannot be understood. You can also encounter many religious motifs. In the western part of the building, you can see the motifs of St. Barbara.
Research on the St. Barbara chapel suggests that its history dates back to the 11th century. However, it is seen that the idea comes to the fore in motifs. It is known that the iconoclasm movement, which opposed to idolizing people, was dominant in the 730s. Therefore, it is difficult to be sure about the year of construction.

How to Get to St. Barbara Chapel

If you want to visit the St. Barbara chapel, you will not have any problems with transportation. It is only 2.5 kilometers from Göreme and you can even reach it on foot. However, public transportation vehicles operate in the region. In addition, tours constantly transport tourists here.
If you have your own vehicle or if you prefer to rent a car, you can be much more comfortable in transportation.

Who is Azize Barbara?

Saint Barbara is one of the saints estimated to have lived in the 3rd century. Most of the information given about him has not been finalized since the period he lived in was quite early and women were generally kept in the background during this period.
It is estimated that Saint Barbara was born in today’s Egypt or Izmit. Her mother died when she was a little girl, she. His father, who is a very wealthy man, has a pagan faith. As a result of wanting to raise her daughter like herself, she did not want her to marry and locked Barbara in a tower. However, with the help of the workers who helped her with her father’s travels, she had a window opened in her room. These windows are; It is known that there are 3 pieces to represent the father, son and holy spirit, which is depicted as the holy trinity of Christianity.

St. Barbara was sentenced to prison when it was learned that Barbara was baptized because it was completely forbidden to believe in monotheistic religions during her lifetime. She was subjected to various tortures after she confessed to her father that she was a christian. She was taken to the authorities by Azize Barbar’s father and Azize Barbara’s punishment was determined by her father as being put to the sword. According to the legend; Barbara’s father died right after he killed his daughter.

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