St. Basil’s Church

When you visit Cappadocia, which has hosted numerous civilizations for thousands of years, you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re in a different historical period. This sensation is not only due to its architecture, including stone mansions and fairy chimneys but also because many structures dating back to ancient times have survived to the present day. One of these is the church of Saint Basil.

Church of Saint Basil

Also known as the chapel of Saint Vasillios, this structure is one of the many churches located in the Göreme Open-Air Museum. The building, obtained by carving into the rocks, has been restored and opened to the visits of both locals and tourists.

The entrance to the structure, representing Byzantine architecture quite successfully, is through the valley. Stone stairs provide the opportunity to explore between floors. The drawings depicting Jesus and the apostles date back to the 19th century and are extremely fascinating.

How to Get to St. Basil’s Church?

The church of Saint Basil (Saint Basileios) is located within the Göreme open air museum, one of the most popular museums in Cappadocia. It is just a few kilometers away from the center of Göreme.

If you have a vehicle, you can easily reach the church using navigation applications. If you prefer to explore Cappadocia on foot or by bike, you can access it via Mustafapasa. Moreover, during this journey, you have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Who is St. Basil’s Church?

Saint Basil (Basileios), known as a church doctor, lived in the late 15th century. He stands out for being both a man of science and religion.

During his time, Göreme was affiliated with Kayseri, so he was also known as “Kayserili Basil” (Basil from Kayseri). Born into one of the wealthy and well-known families of the period, Basileius received his initial education from his father. After his father’s death, he went to Athens, now part of Greece, to complete his education. During this period, he was classmates with Julianus, who would become one of Constantine’s emperors.

Before reaching the age of 30, he returned to Kayseri and started giving lectures on persuasive speech. Additionally, he was involved in legal studies. Later on, he ended his career and devoted himself to religion. During this period, he traveled to many Middle Eastern countries, including Syria and Egypt. After a 2-year journey, Saint Basil returned to the church of Saint Basil to start living a monastic life. Known for his assistance to the poor, Saint Basil was greatly loved by the local people for his charitable deeds and services.

His book “On the Holy Spirit,” written in the 4th century, is among the oldest written sources of humanity. In this work, he aimed to encourage people to look at nature and their surroundings in different ways while discussing the divine essence.

Due to his significant role in the establishment of numerous charitable organizations during his time, there are many traces of him in the Cappadocia region. One of these is the church of Saint Basil.

The Church of Saint Basil (Saint Basileios) is located within the Göreme open air museum, one of the most popular museums in Cappadocia. We recommend visiting it, as it holds historical significance and is associated with the charitable work and teachings of Saint Basil.

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St. Basil’s Church

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