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Ortahisar District Nevşehir

Ortahisar, despite being one of the charming regions of Cappadocia, had not managed to attract as much attention as Avanos, Ürgüp, and Göreme until recently. However, with the increasing emphasis on the hidden beauties and the untouched living spaces in the region, Ortahisar has started to be visited more frequently by both local and foreign tourists.

As one of the districts of Niğde, Ortahisar is situated in a sparsely populated area. It is home to a very friendly community that goes out of its way to warmly welcome and host visitors in the best possible manner.


History of Ortahisar

Ortahisar is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. Although precise historical documents are not available, various pieces of evidence suggest that the area has been inhabited since the 12th century.

Since ancient times, numerous battles have taken place to determine the control of Ortahisar and its surroundings. It is known that the Hittites, Phrygians, and Lycians lived in the region before the Common Era. Being situated on important trade routes ensured that the region remained a focal point of interest throughout its history.

After being ruled by the Persians, Ortahisar was conquered by the Romans. With the arrival of the Turks in Anatolia, Ortahisar became one of the first Turkified regions. However, due to hosting different civilizations for thousands of years, the architectural influences of Byzantine structures are often present in the region.

During the Ottoman period, Ortahisar, initially a town and later a municipality, had its first municipality located under the iconic Ortahisar Castle, which is open to tourists. This castle, which once served as a significant facility meeting the town's essential needs in ancient times, is also utilized as a natural cooling storage facility.

Looking into the history of the present-day Ortahisar residents, it is noteworthy that their roots can be traced back to the Uzbek Turks. Hibe Dede and his eight brothers, who settled in the region during the Turkification of Anatolia after 1071, are considered the ancestors of the local people. The family, which settled in caves around Ortahisar Castle, creating their own living spaces, is believed to have originated from Horasan.


Ortahisar Economic Activities

Ortahisar is a region known for the cultivation of especially onions, apples, and potatoes. Agriculture holds a crucial place in providing a livelihood for the local people. The vineyards in the region are highly productive, and there is a significant number of individuals engaged in viticulture. Additionally, boutique wine production is common. In recent years, due to the tourism activities in the area, many families have started to see tourism as a source of livelihood. Small-scale animal husbandry is also practiced in the region.

How to Get to Ortahisar?

Ortahisar got its name from its central location in Cappadocia. It is situated between Ürgüp and Nevşehir, making transportation quite convenient.

If you have come to the region with your own vehicle or rented one, you can reach Ortahisar within 5-10 minutes. In recent years, bike rental services have become popular in Cappadocia. By renting a bicycle, you can easily explore the key locations in the region.

If you don't have a vehicle and prefer public transportation, you can opt for Ortahisar minibuses. Minibuses departing from the municipality square operate numerous times throughout the day. Starting from 7:30 in the morning, there are minibuses to Ürgüp and Nevşehir. The minibuses conclude their services at 18:00, and during the busy morning hours when transportation demand is high, minibuses depart every 15-30 minutes. In other hours of the day, there are hourly services.

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