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Cappadocia, which attracts tourists from many countries around the world, not only Turkish visitors, stands out with its natural beauty and enjoyable activities. First-time visitors to the region may have questions about transportation. Therefore, questions such as “Is there an airport in Cappadocia?” and “How can Cappadocia airport transfers be arranged?” come to mind.

Cappadocia Nevsehir Transfer

Cappadocia offers convenient transportation options. You can purchase tickets to Cappadocia Airport, which is located in Nevşehir. Additionally, Kayseri Airport is only 100 km away from Nevşehir.

Cappadocia Airport, not only serving domestic flights but also having a terminal for international flights. Upon landing, you have various transfer options to choose from.

Airport companies provide shuttle services for the convenience of passengers traveling to and from the airport. In addition to these services for reaching the city center, you can also use minibusses. Minibusses are not allowed to enter the airport, but you can easily board Gülşehir minibusses after leaving the airport.

Finding a taxi at the airport is also possible. However, this option might be more expensive than expected. Therefore, instead of taking a taxi, you can make prior arrangements with transfer companies for a more cost-effective solution.

Cappadocia Transfer Companies

For Cappadocia transfers, you can benefit from the services of airline companies’ shuttles, minibusses, as well as private companies. There are plenty of transfer companies in Cappadocia, and you can choose the one that suits you best among the options.

Most companies use high-quality branded cars like Mercedes, Volkswagen, providing a much more comfortable journey for passengers.

Cappadocia Transfer Prices

Cappadocia transfer prices may vary depending on factors such as the chosen company, vehicle specifications, and the number of people. If you are traveling as a group, keep in mind that the price per person will be more affordable.

Generally, prices range from 70 to 120 Turkish Lira per person. It is crucial to contact the companies and make a reservation before reaching the region to avoid any issues at the airport.

During the reservation, the meeting point with the company employee for the transfer is determined. Some companies also provide card-based welcome at the airport. The destination is predetermined, and you will be dropped off at that point. Payments are usually made at the end of the service. However, some companies may request payment during the reservation process.

Cappadocia Airport Shuttle Hours

Cappadocia Airport shuttle schedules may vary depending on the season’s intensity. During the spring and summer months when tourists frequently visit the region, there are more shuttle services available.

If you plan to use airport shuttles during your Cappadocia holiday, it is beneficial to inquire about the shuttle schedules by phone in advance. The shuttles operate between the airport and the university area. You can reach areas like Gülbahçe and Tahta Büfeler through shuttle services. Shuttles for Göreme and Uçhisar transfers are also provided on the same route.

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