Crusader church

There are many churches with similar names in the region. The crusader church is a church we came to when we went to visit the Gomeda valley. When we did research on the internet, we did not come across any information about this place. It is a rare place where I felt a different energy as an atmoster when I entered the Crusader church. The strangest part of the work is that although we went to the region to take photos, we later realized that we took very few photos due to the difference of the church compared to other churches or the energy we received.

The church of the Crusaders is located at the top of the Gomeda valley. At the back of the church there are small rooms with passageways. Around the area where the church is located, there are places such as underground caverns and two different churches. We think it is a must-see place for those who come to the Gomeda valley.

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