Pigeon Valley

One of the must-see places in Cappadocia, Pigeon valley, is a magnificent route with its unique nature and structures. Throughout the year, millions of foreign tourists visit this valley, where you can witness an extraordinary view of colorful balloons soaring in the sky. It’s worth noting that Cappadocia is not only located in the Nevşehir region; it spans a much larger area, including Niğde, Aksaray, Kırsehir, and Kayseri.

Among the places to visit in Cappadocia, you can list famous fairy chimneys along with the Snake church, Özkonak underground city, Belisırma village, Zelve valley, and Derinkuyu underground city. Pigeon valley, one of the most beautiful places, has taken its name from the numerous pigeons that inhabit the region. The valley in Uçhisar is also one of the best locations for fairy chimneys. Activities you can enjoy in this valley include taking photos with the nazar boncuk (evil eye bead) tree, resting a bit where large buses are parked before entering the valley, and then embarking on a long walk through the valley to Göreme. In the rest of our writing, you can find detailed information about Pigeon valley route, entrance fee, directions, and the nazar boncuk tree.

Pigeon Valley History

As mentioned, Pigeon valley is one of the most beautiful places in Cappadocia. Historically, this region holds significance, situated between Göreme and Uchisar. According to a legend, pigeon breeding began in this area in the early 9th century. Later, the people living in the region turned to grape cultivation, discovering the importance of pigeon droppings in enhancing agricultural productivity. Consequently, numerous carved nests and settlements were established in the valley for agricultural workers to increase efficiency.

Throughout history, pigeon droppings were also used to color church walls. This fertilizer was chosen not only to enhance frescoes but also to preserve pattern colors. Therefore, the historical journey of Pigeon valley began in the 9th century, and the significance attributed to pigeons originated from this period.

Where is Pigeon Valley?

The valley begins from Uchisar. It forms a natural walking area that connects Göreme and Uchisar. When entering Uchisar from the direction of Ürgüp, you’ll encounter the entry point of the valley even before reaching the town center of Uchisar. If you are coming from Göreme to Uchisar, it is about 100 meters after entering the road to Urgüp, just past the municipality building and Uçhisar bazaar. The entrance area is quite spacious, and it’s common to see several buses parked there.

How to Get to Pigeon Valley?

To reach Pigeon valley, you can follow Adnan menderes Avenue on the Nevsehir-Ürgüp road. By progressing on this road, you will reach the valley located just to the right of Uchisar castle. There are two different routes to reach the valley: one from Göreme and the other from the center of Uçhisar, descending towards the valley. However, those who prefer to go from Göreme will need to navigate uphill and continue along paths that descend. For a simpler and easier route to the valley, especially for those with hiking experience, you can proceed from the Uçhisar side.

There are some important points to know about accessing this valley. First of all, there are two different blind branches in the valley. To ensure a comfortable visit, visitors can simply follow the areas marked in red. Also, don’t forget that at these points, you will witness some of the most beautiful natural landscapes along the valley.

Guvercinlik Valley Places to visit

Pigeon valley is home to numerous attractions, making it a remarkable destination among the historical sites in Cappadocia. From underground cities and churches to rock-cut tombs, this valley stands out as a beautiful region in Turkey that should not be missed. The famous fairy chimneys, always sought after by tourists, can be splendidly observed from this valley.

For those interested in taking a historical walk, it’s essential to note that Pigeon valley offers an immersive experience with nature. The valley is particularly popular in spring, allowing visitors to enjoy the vibrant flora. However, even in winter, the region welcomes tourists with a stunning snowscape. While exploring the valley, you can also observe small orchards besides the fertilizers used by agricultural workers.

Among the notable places to visit in Pigeon valley is the Tığraz underground Shelter, which serves as the second-largest castle in the Uchisar region. With its seven floors containing rooms, cellars, storerooms, and tunnels, this castle promises an exciting exploration. Continuing the journey from the castle, you can reach Uçhisar Fountain and later the bulgur mill.

As you progress from Pigeon valley towards Göreme, on the left side of the road, you’ll encounter Karakale and Sarıuşak fairy chimneys, offering some of the most beautiful views in Cappadocia. Additionally, by following this route, you can reach the first neighborhood fountain of the Uchisar district, Lower District Fountain.

When wandering through the valley, it’s worth providing some recommendations for meals. The most famous local dishes in the region are pottery kebab and tandır. These meals, prepared using stone tables in restaurants established by carving the mountains, offer a unique culinary experience. Moreover, this region is renowned for its wines, and trying the local varieties should not be missed.

Where is Pigeon Valley Map

Frequently Asked Questions About Pigeon Valley
Is there an entrance fee to Güvercinlik Valley?

The entrance to Pigeon valley is free of charge. Since there are natural paths connecting Uçhisar to Göreme without specific entry or exit gates, there is no fee required. For a natural hiking experience, you can start from the Uçhisar region and follow the route all the way to Göreme. This valley, with its breathtaking scenery, can be explored freely without any entrance fee.

Where is the Pigeon Valley evil eye bead tree?

The nazar boncuklu tree is located in the Uçhisar town. Before descending into Pigeon valley, it is situated near the stopping area of buses on a spacious spot along the edge of the valley entrance. The nazar boncuklu tree inside the valley is known as a tree where visitors hang fabric-like items to make their wishes come true.

How far is it from Ürgüp to Pigeon valley?

The distance between Guvercinlik valley, located near Uchisar, and Ürgüp is only 12.9 km.

Is Güvercinlik Valley a natural beauty?

Yes, this valley is a region where local and foreign guests visit Cappadocia with its magnificent view. The beautiful and natural formations of Güvercinlik Valley, which has a trekking track with a length of 4000 meters, fascinate those who see it.

How to get to Pigeon Valley?

Starting from the Uchisar town within the Nevsehir Province, covers a natural walking area extending to the town of Göreme. The valley is located between Uchisar and Göreme.


How Many Km Is Güvercinlik Valley?

Pigeon valley transportation is not a problem as it is one of the accessible areas. However, taking a guided tour to the region can help you explore it more efficiently. It is approximately 10 km from Avanos, one of the most popular places in Cappadocia, and 5 km from Göreme. Pigeon valley is within walking distance from Uçhisar, and you can reach it after covering about 1 km. Additionally, there are regular public transportation options to Pigeon valley.
The valley covers an area of approximately 4-5 kilometers and is particularly favored in nature tours. Situated between Göreme and Uchisar, this area allows you to enjoy pleasant moments, away from the stress of modern life. Watching hot air balloons is also possible in Güvercinlik Vadisi.

How long does it take to visit Güvercinlik Valley?

You don’t need to allocate an extra day to explore Pigeon valley. After visiting Uchisar Castle, you can spend a few hours exploring the valley. Along valley, you will come across various vineyards. Additionally, while you are here, you can watch the fairy chimneys and take plenty of photographs. The nazar boncuklu (evil eye amulet) tree in the region has become a symbol, and there is a designated area to take photos underneath it.
When in valley, make sure not to leave without exploring the Tığraz underground Shelter. Like many other underground cities in the region, the Kıraç shelter is impressively designed. This shelter, located at the bottom of a 7-story castle, is interconnected with various tunnels.

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