Swords Valley

Cappadocia’s Swords valley is much more impressive and mysterious than the valleys seen in Western movies. Its intoxicating appearance, along with its landscape, attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. It is a must-visit destination for those organizing trips to Cappadocia. In every corner of the unique and diverse Cappadocian region, the valleys can provide the nature tranquility that individuals seek.

Swords Valley, Virgin Mary Church, Swords Church – Where Are They? Directions in Cappadocia

Cappadocia has witnessed history and hosted many civilizations, making it a valuable and significant region. It holds high importance not only nationally but also globally. Due to the presence of various civilizations throughout history, it possesses numerous historical structures. With its historical sites and natural beauties, it is a unique region. Millions of local and foreign tourists visit here annually. The traces of history can easily be seen in every step of Swords valley. Cappadocia has a magnificent backdrop and a mystical atmosphere. Monks, warriors, and traders have passed through this area. It is possible to see and hear the stories engraved in stone and soil in the underground caves, cities, and tunnels. Swords valley, located in the Göreme region of Cappadocia, is a natural beauty that attracts attention with its magnificent features.

What are the Features of Kiliclar Valley?

Swords valley has always managed to attract both local and foreign tourists with its distinctive features. After passing through Görkündere, Zemi valley, and the open air museum, Swords valley constitutes the second part of Göreme. It is located exactly 15 minutes away from the center of Göreme. It is situated on the left side of the open air museum, across the road that leads to Zemi valley.

The Göreme open air museum is truly a historical feast. Those who organize trips to this area should definitely visit Swords valley after leaving the museum. Among the valleys within Cappadocia, it is the smallest one. On one side of the valley is the Göreme open air museum, and on the other side is Güllüdere Valley. Swords valley is exactly 2.7 km away. Motor vehicles are not allowed to enter this valley. Despite its small size, people can enjoy a pleasant walk in the valley. Riding a horse is quite popular in this area, including Swords valley, in Cappadocia. Similarly, exploring the valleys, including the use of ATVs, is possible. For those wondering what to do in Swords valley, these are some of the most enjoyable activities in the region.

You can enjoy the view of Göreme from the starting point of Swords valley. Here, individuals can see all of Göreme beneath their feet. Numerous intriguing fairy chimneys, a tunnel reaching a length of 300 meters, and many caves that were once homes but are now abandoned are among the unknown places in Cappadocia. Swords valley, with its pigeon houses, churches, and beehives, is a must-visit area. While the valley occasionally narrows, the stream named Kılıçlar çayı, after which the valley is named, welcomes visitors within the valley. Following the stream, individuals reach a small canyon with long and closely spaced walls. Stone stairs carved into the rocks allow access to the lower parts of the canyon. Walking through the entire valley can take approximately 1-2 hours. This magnificent scenery is best explored on foot. A 3 km walk leads to Meskendir valley. After this valley, individuals will encounter Çavuşin village. Those who do not wish to walk further can exit the village trail. In the summer months, people can cool down with freshly squeezed fruit juices from the buffets.

Signs along with other historical artifacts in the valley guide individuals to various points of interest. Following these signs during the walk allows visitors to see valuable artifacts in the valley. Along the Swords Valley in Göreme, individuals witness beautiful landscapes such as fairy chimneys and hot air balloons. Therefore, the valley is best explored on foot, allowing for a delightful walking experience.

Where is Kiliclar Valley?

Swords Valley is situated right after the Göreme open air museum, forming the second part of Göreme. It is easily accessible from the center through public transportation. Transportation to Swords valley can be done quite conveniently. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach this area from the center of Göreme.

Kiliclar Valley Churches

Göreme open air museum is renowned for its churches. In addition to the churches located here, Swords Valley also hosts a group of two churches, distinct from those in the museum. One of these churches shares its name with the valley itself: Swords church (Kılıçlar Kilisesi), and the other is virgin Mary church (Meryem Ana Kilisesi). Swords valley is home to two churches.

Church of the Swords

Swords valley, precisely 600 meters from the entrance of the Göreme open air museum, is visible on the right side of the road leading to Göreme. The church has a dome shaped like a closed Greek cross and is supported by four columns. Its story dates back centuries and is rooted in the Bible. It is possible to see frescoes on the walls depicting various stories. There are exactly 33 scenes, with 12 of them related to the childhood of Jesus, 3 to the adult life of Jesus, and the remaining 18 to the sufferings of Jesus. Each scene is arranged chronologically, making it a particularly unique place with its frescoes.

Different depictions such as the Water Experiment, Annunciation, Journey to Egypt, Miracles of Jesus, Crucifixion of Jesus, Last Supper, Accusation of Mary, John the Baptist and Jesus, and the Ascension of Virgin Mary can be observed. Frescoes depicting death scenes are particularly remarkable. It is one of the churches that must be visited by those who come to this region.

Church are estimated to have been painted in the 9th and 10th centuries. As it is a very old church, it should be visited, and its striking frescoes inside should be seen. The church is dated to the late period of the Iconoclastic era. However, it is said that the church dates back to much earlier periods.

Kiliclar Valley Virgin Mary Church

The churches of Swords valley distinguish themselves from other churches with their frescoes and historical textures. The Church of Virgin Mary, also known as Swords Morning church (Kılıçlar Kuşluk Kilisesi), is located exactly 250 meters from the main road. By following the road passing in front of the Tokalı church, it is easy to reach this church. It has a narrow passage of 5 meters. Its rectangular plan stands out among its architectural features. It has exactly three apses. With its frescoes and historical textures, it holds a significant place. However, as it is under protection, it does not currently accept visitors.

In the church of virgin Mary (Swords Morning), numerous frescoes depicting virgin Mary can be found, making it a particularly special place. The reason it is called the church of Virgin Mary is the abundance of frescoes depicting virgin Mary inside. Various frescoes, such as the Baptism of Jesus, the plea of Virgin Mary and John the Baptist for the well-being of humanity, and the death of Virgin Mary, can be found here. The figures of St. Basil, one of the most important saints, are found in the left apse. The frescoes inside the church are believed to date back to the 11th century. Since they are under protection, visitors are not currently allowed.a

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