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With its natural beauties and historical riches, Cappadocia is one of the rare destinations of Anatolia. In Cappadocia, where different civilizations have fought to rule for thousands of years, there is only one experience from all these civilizations. Visiting these churches, which can turn into a shelter and a living place when appropriate, will make you feel better in Cappadocia.

History of Virgin Mary (Kılıçlar Kuşluk) Church

The Church of the virgin Mary, which is among the oldest churches in Cappadocia, is also known as Kılıçlar Kuşluk. It is located in Kılıçlar Valley and has a magnificent view. To reach this church, which is very close to the main road, you have to pass by the Tokalı Church, which is another church in Kılıçlar Plateau.
There is a 5 meter tunnel at the entrance of the Virgin Mary Church. This tunnel, which is also found in many churches built in the same period, made it easier to take shelter in the church in possible raids.
The church, which was built with four corners, has a total of 3 apses. Intensely in red-colored fresco motifs, Hz. The presence of Mary is noteworthy. In addition to the baptism of Jesus, St. Important squares such as the supplications of Mary and her death are included in the motifs.
The church was named the Church of the Virgin Mary because of the frequent presence of the Virgin Mary in the motifs. When you look at the past of the church, you can see that it was estimated to be built in the 11th century.
In order to protect the frescoes in the church, a part of the church is closed to visitors. Restoration works were carried out in the same period regarding the church, which was added to the list of endangered heritage as of 2008.

How to Go to Virgin Mary (Kılıçlar Kuşluk) Church?

House of the Virgin Mary is one of the two churches located in Kılıçlar valley. It is forbidden to enter the Kılıçlar valley with motor vehicles. For this reason, it is not possible to reach directly in front of the church by car or public transport. It is 200-300 meters walking distance from the main road. Therefore, you will not have any problems.
You can go to the region with your own vehicle, or you can reach the region with tours or Göreme minibuses. There are frequent flights from Nevsehir center during the day. It is not necessary to get on the minibus from the starting point. Passengers are picked up on the road.
If you want to have a different experience, you can combine your plan to visit Swords Birdhouse Virgin Mary Church with different activities. For example; You can join the frequent nature walks in Kılıçlar Valley, and evaluate horse or ATV tours.
Virgin Mary Church Cappadocia

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