Red Valley

Kızıl Vadi, located within the Cappadocia region, is one of the most magnificent valleys where anyone tired of the noise and crowds of the city can escape to embrace peaceful nature and breathe freely. It boasts a unique natural landscape and offers pristine air, allowing people to feel rejuvenated and serene. This perfect natural beauty, showcasing different charms in each season, is a must-visit destination in Cappadocia trips. Known as the gem of Cappadocia, it welcomes visitors with a different panorama in every season. The valley is particularly renowned for its breathtaking sunset views. It provides an opportunity to live through a romantic adventure within the backdrop of an exquisite scenery and tranquil nature.

Where is Red Valley?

How to Get to the Red valley? Also known as the Red valley, it is famous for its enchanting landscapes that mesmerize those who see them. It is located in a region between Göreme and Ürgüp in the Nevşehir province. While it may appear associated with Ürgüp on maps, the valley is situated between cavuşin village, Göreme, and Ortahisar. It is also close to the town of Göreme. Although the valley may seem small, its true vastness and extraordinariness become apparent when visited. With its unique beauty, it continues to attract tourists from all around the world. The Red valley is one of the most romantic areas in the Cappadocia region, offering individuals the opportunity to spend delightful moments with their loved ones amidst the unique scenery and peaceful nature of the valley.

What Should the Red Pit Valley Travel Plan Be Like?

Although the valley may seem small, planning a trip before visiting will prevent unnecessary exhaustion. With a well-organized journey, it’s possible to explore every point without getting tired. Visitors can explore various points, acquire historical information, and, due to the valley’s rugged terrain, it is advisable to prioritize exploring its upper parts. Afterward, a plan can be made to move towards the Çavuşin side of the valley.

When entering the Red valley from the Göreme national park section, it is advisable to start exploring its upper parts easily. Those who want to prioritize exploring the upper parts should enter the valley from Göreme. This way, it’s easier to transition to the deeper parts of the valley. With a well-thought-out Red Valley travel plan, visitors can efficiently explore every part without getting tired in a short period.

The Red Valley is characterized by its red tuff rocks. Therefore, during sunset, the surroundings turn reddish, creating a magnificent visual spectacle. Along a well-maintained trail, visitors can see pigeon houses amidst the reddish views. A wonderful walk can be taken on this path, with vineyards accompanying the journey. For those interested in visiting churches, the Crusader Church is also located along this splendid path.

It’s possible to watch the sunset in the chambers above the Crusader church. Here, one can spend pleasant moments during the sunset with a perfect view. Visitors can also try local wines and relax. Those who want to fully enjoy the red landscape often complete their trips by taking their wines and cushions with them.

Red Valley trips are generally initiated with a visit to the Üzümlü church. valley tours are quite enjoyable with their unique scenery and splendid nature. The frescoes inside the Uzümlü church were made before the Iconoclastic period and still impress us today. The cell of Saint Nichitas, who made the frescoes, is also located in the upper part of the church.

The valley tour is done by passing through several tunnels. During the trekking marathon, visitors have to pass through several tunnels. The longest tunnel here is 37 meters. Nevertheless, it is advisable for visitors to bring their flashlights with them. The tunnels are not straight paths; they end with a steep descent. If visitors exit the tunnels by descending in reverse, they can leave the tunnels much more safely. After exiting the tunnels, Meskendir Valley welcomes the visitors. Although it may seem small, the Red Valley is one of the must-visit areas with a well-planned travel itinerary, allowing for a practical and fatigue-free exploration.

Although the valley is beautiful at any time of the day, we recommend visiting valley during the late afternoon for an exceptional experience of colors during sunset. It’s the perfect time for capturing beautiful photographs.

Unique View of the Red Valley

The Red valley is renowned for its sunset views. Anyone visiting Cappadocia makes it a point to witness the sunset at least once in the valley before leaving. Located within the borders of Ürgüp and connected to Çavuşin, the Red valley offers the most beautiful visual feast in terms of sunset scenery. The combination of fairy chimneys creates an aesthetic image, displaying shades of red and green in different areas. Visitors prepare for the sunset hours in advance and enjoy the unique panorama as the sun sets. With its perfect and unparalleled scenery, the Red valley attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists.

Visitors can capture delightful images and take beautiful nature photos in this captivating environment. It’s also a popular spot for couples to immortalize their special moments, making it an ideal location for an unfiltered background. The landscape offers different colors throughout the day, providing unique views at both sunrise and sunset. Tourists often enjoy pleasant moments here, accompanied by the local wines of the region. For those who want to witness the sunrise and sunset, there are camping areas in the Red Valley.

Red Valley Restaurants

In the valley, which offers a unique landscape every minute of the day, visitors can enjoy regional flavors in the restaurants located within the valley. Throughout the valley tour, it’s possible to satisfy your appetite with various delicious dishes. The restaurants are situated amidst the magnificent views of the red tuff rocks, creating an atmosphere where you can breathe under the grapevines. Organic and locally sourced flavors are featured in the Red Valley, offering visitors a variety of regional dishes such as clay pot dishes, dumplings, bulgur soup, stews, and grilled dishes. Alongside these, grilled meals are also available, providing individuals with a diverse range of food options based on their taste preferences.

It can be the number one spot for those who want to have breakfast with natural products. Individuals can choose to gather their food from the garden. A delightful breakfast can be enjoyed with natural vegetables and fruits, creating unforgettable memories amidst the enchanting fairy chimney views.

What is the Red Valley Entrance Fee?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the specific information about the entrance fee for Kızıl valley in 2024. Entrance fees can vary and may be subject to change. It is recommended to check with local authorities, tourism offices, or official websites for the most up-to-date information on entrance fees before planning your visit.

How to Get to the Red Valley?

For those planning a trip to red valley and seeking directions, if you’re coming from Ürgüp, you need to take the Nevşehir-Ürgüp road. Along this road, you’ll encounter three beauties, and after passing this landmark, you’ll find Kızılçukur valley approximately 4 km ahead. If you’re coming from Nevşehir, valley is conveniently located near Göreme. You can park your vehicle at the Göreme national park parking lot and reach the valley from there. It is advisable for travelers to start their exploration of the valley from its upper parts to make the most of their trip. In terms of transportation, valley is approximately 9.3 km from Ürgüp, 13.5 km from Avanos, 5.9 km from Göreme, and 11.5 km from Uçhisar.

Where is Red Valley Map

Cappadocia Valleys

Kizilcukur Valley Sunset

Valley stands out as one of the most visited valleys by both local and foreign tourists. The trekking trails it offers take approximately 2 hours, attracting the interest of tourists.

In this valley, where you can take numerous photographs, you will come across very ancient structures. The Haçlı (Crusader), Uzümlü (Grape), and Direkli (Columned) churches are structures dating back to the 11th century. The red-colored frescoes and drawings in these churches successfully reflect the artistic understanding of that period.

You can watch the sunset and explore the surrounding structures, or you can participate in various tours. This region is particularly popular for ATV tours. Additionally, horse and camel tours are also available.

After exploring red valley, you can have a meal at the restaurants in the area. You can taste the local flavors of the region at the restaurants or choose to have a drink.

At the entrance point of the valley, you will find souvenir shops. Many of the souvenirs in these shops are crafted by local artisans. Miniature fairy chimneys, magnets, and pottery, especially, receive a great deal of attention.

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