St. John’s Church

There are many churches in Cappadocia, which is one of the lands where Christians ruled for thousands of years. You can be sure that you will be very impressed when you look at these fascinating structures, each of which is more fascinating than the other, considering that they were built thousands of years ago.

St. John’s Church History

St. Jean church is connected to Gülsehir district and is located in the district center. Although this centrally located church has 2 floors, it is quite small. Under the church, as in many churches in Cappadocia, there are wine cellars and tombs. The building is an indication that people living in history hid in churches during possible attacks and used these buildings as a shelter.
The second floor of the building is; It was used as a church. You can often find depictions of scenes from the Bible on the walls. Especially Hz. Frieze technique was used in the church where the drawings of orientation to Jesus are located. The dates of these paintings, which were made using lime, date back to very old years and added an artistic value to the Church of St. Jean.
Black was preferred as the background color on the walls of the St. Jean church. The drawings are; It is golden and brown in color. When the drawings are examined carefully, you can see that there are plant shapes and geometric patterns as well as biblical scenes. It is estimated that religious meanings lie under the geometric patterns.
Estimates are made about the construction year of many churches in Cappadocia, based on the condition of the building and the techniques used. St. Jean Church is; falls outside of this generalization. The inscription on the apse indicates that it was built in 2012. In the restoration made in 1995; Renovations were carried out without deteriorating the original of the church and the church gained its present appearance.

How to Get to St. Jean’s Church

St. Jean Church is located in Gülsehir district of Nevşehir. It is a very popular church and you can see that it is quite crowded when you visit.
To reach the church; it is extremely easy. If you have your own car or rented a car, it is very close to the popular accommodation areas of Cappadocia. There are regular tours to this region. You can provide transportation with tours.
If you prefer public transportation, you can use the minibuses departing from Nevşehir. Minibuses depart every half hour.
There is an entrance fee to the St. Jean Church, and if you have a museum card, you can enter with this card. You should also consider that it opens at 08:00 in the morning and closes at 17:00 in the evening under normal conditions. However, stretching can be done during the hours during peak periods.

Who is St. Jean?

The name of this small church in Cappadocia comes from St. Jean, one of the 12 apostles who are extremely important in Christianity. It is also known by the names John and St. John. Although originally Jewish, he is considered the author of the Bible and is therefore highly respected.
The depictions of St. Jean, who is depicted as a beloved disciple of Jesus in the Bible, show that his mother was a sister to Mary. This means that Jesus and St. Jean are cousins.

Where is St. John’s Church Map

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