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Avanos District Nevşehir

Cappadocia, although spread across a vast area, the tourist attractions are predominantly concentrated in the vicinity of Nevşehir. Avanos is one of the most visited places in Cappadocia. It stands out with its fairy chimneys, historical sites, and geographical beauties. Additionally, Avanos hosts numerous hotels and tourist establishments.


History of Avanos

Avanos, a charming district, is located 20 km away from Nevşehir. The history of this district dates back to ancient times, and it is known to have been referred to by names like Venessa and Ouenasa in the past. Avanos carries significant traces of Hittite culture.

The name Avanos, mentioned in archives created during the Hittite period, was given during the Ottoman era. It was also referred to as Enes during the same period.

Research conducted in the 1990s revealed Roman written works. Archaeological excavations have uncovered remnants dating back to the Early Bronze Age. Avanos, which hosted numerous empires, including the Byzantines and Romans, began to Turkify with the Seljuks. The oldest Turkish artifacts in the region date back to the 13th century.

Initially part of Kırşehir after the establishment of the Republic, the district became part of Nevşehir in 1954 when Nevşehir gained provincial status.


Population and Area of Avanos

Avanos district is one of the small districts in the region, with a population of only around 14,000. However, it hosts thousands of tourists every year, leading to a significant increase in population, especially during the summer months. Additionally, there is a considerable number of personnel migrating from different regions to work in hotels and restaurants in the area.

The district, which is divided into two banks, has bridges connecting them. There are a total of four bridges, two of which are modern asphalt roads. The other bridges include one stone bridge and one suspension bridge. With a history spanning centuries, these bridges are still actively used today.


Avanos Livelihoods

Avanos is one of the districts where various economic activities are actively pursued. With the increasing popularity of Cappadocia and fairy chimneys, tourism has become a significant source of livelihood in recent years. Many families in the region have transformed their homes into hotels and started running businesses. The growing interest in handicrafts has also indirectly contributed to the benefits brought to the region by tourism.

Avanos, known for its artistic activities, has a long history of pottery and ceramics. Various pottery workshops have been opened today, allowing tourists to create and purchase ceramic products. When looking at the history of ceramics in the region, it is observed to date back to the Hittite period. Clay brought from the mountainous areas in the vicinity is manually shaped and then fired at high temperatures to produce pottery. It is estimated that about 1500 people in Avanos actively make a living through ceramics, accounting for approximately 10% of the population. The significance given to ceramics in the region can be understood from the pottery master sculpture located in the town center.

Carpet weaving is another important source of livelihood in Avanos. Handmade carpets are frequently encountered, especially in hotels. Business owners aiming to reflect the spirit of the region to guests often make use of these carpets. In the past, natural dyes were made from plants collected from the mountains to color the carpets. Nowadays, chemical dyes are more commonly used. Therefore, while carpets in the past were dominated by red and yellow colors, today's carpets are much more colorful.

Another economic activity in the region is viticulture. Grape cultivation is widespread in the Cappadocia region. Due to the volcanic soil making it more fertile, grapes in the Avanos region are flavorful and productive. Wines are also produced from the grapes harvested from the vineyards. There are many places in Avanos that sell handmade wine. Additionally, tasting events are organized in wine cellars.


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