Turasan Wine House Factory

Turasan Wine House (winery) offers high-quality wines that can be tasted in Cappadocia and its surroundings. Cappadocia, with its famous hot air balloons and unique history, continues to attract local and foreign tourists. The underground city cellars in Cappadocia also receive significant attention. As evident from the underground cellars, reaching wine houses and enjoying the high-quality wine offered by Turasan Wine is possible in Cappadocia and its surroundings.

When visiting Cappadocia and Ürgüp, numerous options for accommodation and dining can be observed. However, some places stand out with their quality features, and people do not pass by without visiting these places. Taking a break in these places during the tiring but enjoyable tours at Turasan Wine Factory can be quite delightful. Visitors to Ürgüp tours can enjoy Turasan wine tasting in the famous Wine Factory cellar, leaving a delightful taste on the palate and an exquisite touch of history.

Turasan Winery

When you come to Cappadocia, exploring the underground cities and taking balloon rides are must-do activities. Enjoying the breathtaking landscapes in the beautiful valleys with unique natural formations is essential. After experiencing all these, you should definitely taste the wines of the region. Turasan Wine Factory, which has achieved significant success in this field and proven its quality throughout the country, is a must-visit place. You should definitely try its unique and distinctive flavors.

Hasan Turasan continued his work with great dedication and perseverance, achieving remarkable success. Producing the highest quality wines, he has been awarded numerous accolades. Turasan Vineyards, located at the foothills of Mount Erciyes, cover an area of 500 acres. The grapes used for exquisite wines are cultivated and produced in these vineyards.

The history of the wine house dates back to 1943. Hasan Turasan, with dedicated efforts, established the wine house during those years. He has continued to produce the highest quality wines since then, gaining recognition nationwide. The outstanding work has always been deserving of various awards.

Turasan wine factory has made a name for itself in its industry, offering a variety of wines. The winery, known for its affordable productions and quality, has gained popularity. Everyone visiting the Cappadocia region should not leave without tasting the unique products here. The Emir grapes, specifically the award-winning Emir white wine, offer a distinct and delightful taste. Especially those who appreciate white wine should not miss the chance to experience this unique flavor.

In addition to tasting the wines, you might also want to see how the wines are produced. The company provides an opportunity for visitors to see the production facility. This allows people to closely observe how delicious wines are made. Although there is some distance between the production facility and the sales store, it is one of the places that must be seen. Turasan Wine House continues to be among the must-visit places for those organizing tours to Ürgüp. If you want to see the wine production process, it’s advisable to visit on weekdays. The wine selection caters to every budget. While wine tasting is generally not possible due to the high number of visitors, every visitor leaves delighted after tasting the wines.

What are Turasan Wine Types?

Ürgüp is known for its diverse selection of wineries, and Turasan Winery stands out with its award-winning wines and extensive variety. People who organize trips to Ürgüp always get acquainted with Turasan wine varieties. The on-site store and production facility are frequently visited, offering visitors a direct view of the wine production process.

The variety of wines should be explored and tasted. Unfortunately, due to current alcohol restrictions, individuals cannot place orders online through the official website. However, if desired, they can place orders for delivery outside the city through email. Free shipping is available for orders of 6 bottles or more, ensuring a quick and hassle-free delivery for you to enjoy Turasan wine flavors in no time.

The company produces wines from its own vineyard, cultivating Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, and Emir grapes. Wines derived from these grapes are highly praised.

When it comes to Turasan winery, Emir White Wine immediately comes to mind. This wine is the company’s flagship and is especially favored with fish dishes. It also pairs well with cold starters and fresh cheese, leaving an exquisite taste on the palate. Emir White Wine has received awards and recognition, although it’s not the only award-winning wine. Wines produced from Öküzgözü grapes have also received accolades. Turasan Rose Wine is made from Öküzgözü grapes, and Turasan Misket Dömisek Wine is produced from Misket grapes. Turasan Narince Wine is derived from Narince grapes, while Turasan Senleler Red Wine is made from Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. All these wine varieties must be tasted to experience their unique flavors.

Turasan Wine Varieties 2022 – 2024
  • Turasan Seneler Blend (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Öküzgözü & Boğazkere (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Emir (Beyaz Şarap)
  • Turasan Sauvignon Blanc (Beyaz Şarap)
  • Turasan Misket (Yarı Tatlı Şarap)
  • Turasan Rose Kalecik Karası (Rose Şarap)
  • Turasan Kalecik Karası (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Blush Kalecik Karası (Rose Şarap)
  • Turasan Narince (Beyaz Şarap)
  • Turasan Seneler Öküzgözü & Boğazkere (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Riesling (Beyaz Şarap)
  • Turasan Cabernet Sauvignon (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Boğazkere (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Merlot (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Syrah (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Seneler Öküzgözü (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Chardonnay (Beyaz Şarap)
  • Turasan Grande Reserve (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Kırmızı Blend (Kırmızı Şarap)
  • Turasan Seneler Chardonnay (Beyaz Şarap)
  • Turasan Seneler Sauvignon Blanc (Beyaz Şarap)
  • Turasan Öküzgözü (Kırmızı Şarap)
Where is Turasan Wine House?

Winery location questions are of interest to individuals who want to visit and taste delicious wines. The Winery is located in the Nevşehir, Ürgüp region. When you arrive, it is situated in close proximity to places such as Ürgüp Museum and Eraslan Stream. Those organizing a trip to Ürgüp should definitely make a stop here. Finding the exact address is easy with navigation, and signs along the road also assist in locating it. On the way, you can turn left when heading up to Temenni Hill to reach the factory.

Full Address: Yunak Mahallesi, Tevfik Fikret Caddesi, No: 6 Ürgüp/Nevşehir

Turasan Wine Prices

Turasan wine prices are also a matter of curiosity for those who wish to experience its unique flavor. The region is known for cultivating famous and high-quality grapes, which are used to produce exquisite wines. Initially, there might be a prejudice that these wines are expensive, but such judgments fade away once one experiences the breath-taking taste. One of the most noteworthy features of the company is that its delicious wines are sold at very reasonable prices. From a market perspective, the company is seen to offer wines at quite affordable rates.

The winery attracts a large number of visitors, and almost every traveler stops by to taste the fantastic wines. The wine prices are extremely reasonable, starting from 25 Turkish Liras, allowing one to enjoy excellent wines at affordable prices. Even award-winning wines are sold here at significantly lower prices. The winery has a very harmonious pricing in terms of both cost and quality. Tastings of the most beautiful and delicious wines can be experienced at the winery, allowing individuals to savor unique flavors.

Which wine to buy from Cappadocia?

To order Turasan wines online, you can visit the website https://iyisarap.ac/collections/turasan. You can choose your desired wine and place your order through this site. You can also track the latest Turasan wine prices on this platform. The website is interactive and ready for shopping, responding to your orders. Wine prices for 2024 are available and up-to-date on the site, welcoming you to make purchases in an interactive manner.

Which is the best wine?

In the Cappadocia region, not only Turasan wines but also many other different local wines can be found. Nevşehir is productive in viticulture, and the quality of Nevşehir grapes contributes to the distinct flavors and textures of all wines produced in the region. This unique taste is inevitably reflected in the prices. For a balanced combination of price, taste, and performance, we recommend trying Turasan Emir or Kocabağ Emir wines.

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