Serpentine Church

Serpentine church is one of the important churches in Cappadocia. The Cappadocia region is a very important tourism area within the borders of Turkey. It is preferred by many travelers as it offers different natural beauties from historical and cultural perspectives to its visitors. The Yılanlı Church is among the churches that must be visited due to its unique features located within the borders of Cappadocia.
The Cappadocia region includes provinces such as Kırsehir, Kayseri, Nigde, Aksaray and Nevsehir. Visitors flock to this region in summer and winter. The borders of Cappadocia are a very important area not only for domestic tourists, but also for foreign tourists. Hotels, restaurants and all buildings in the region are made of stones unique to this region. These stones were formed as a result of lava erupted from volcanoes millions of years ago. These stones can be easily processed and become durable when in contact with air. It can be used as building materials. It can be easily seen that stonemasonry in the region has developed regardless of its region.
With the various tours in the Cappadocia region, detailed information about the churches, monasteries, valleys and other historical structures in the vicinity can be obtained. People who want to get information about the Serpentine church will also be able to get help from professional guides. In addition to structures such as houses and dovecotes carved out of the rocks, historical structures such as churches and monasteries can have very important features. Buildings from ancient times are gaining high importance both for the country and throughout the world. The buildings are the beauties that provide the originality of Cappadocia. Cappadocia has rocky areas such as Ihlara Valley, Ürgüp, Derinkuyu, Avanos, Kaymaklı, Uchisar. Special structures are frequently encountered in the regions.

Ihlara Valley

One of the most beautiful valleys adorned by the Melendiz stream, Ihlara valley is home to many churches. It is one of the most preferred walking areas to enjoy many more beauties with its unique view and clean air. It is one of the natural environments that people who love nature sports should prefer. Churches in Ihlara Valley; They are churches such as Sümbüllü church, Ağaçaltı church, Kırk Dam church, Serpentine. Churches are those that have survived to the present day. Churches impress their visitors with their features and fascinating craftsmanship. Located in Ihlara valley, Serpentine church is extremely fascinating with its historical features.

Snake Church Features

Serpentine church differs from other churches due to its characteristics. Snake church ranks first among the churches that receive the most visitors in the region. It contains many religious motifs and frescoes. The frescoes that take place attract the attention of those who see it. As with some historical buildings, there is also a legend that the church takes its name. It is much better to visit the place after knowing about the legends. It is necessary to get information about these legends in order to better comprehend and understand the motifs in the space. It is also possible to get information about the church by participating in tours with professional guides. Guides provide detailed information on tours so that travelers can be informed and assimilate historical structures in the best way possible.
The Serpentine church attracts attention with its story and the frescoes in it. It is a building with a free Greek Cross plan. It consists of two parts. The icons and depictions in the church have preserved their solidity very well compared to other churches. The main space is barrel vaulted and the other section has a flat ceiling. Despite the apse carved into the left long wall, it can be seen that the church was not completed. The depictions of saints, which have a great importance and reputation in Cappadocia, are also located in this church. Pictures of saints were made on the church vaults. To enter the church, it is necessary to go to the north side. There are monk walls on the north walls and frescoes on the west walls. The church has a semi-cylindrical ceiling cover, which is built with a barrel vault, that is, brick and stone.

What is the Legend of the Serpent Church?

It emerged because of the frescoes in the legend of the Serpent church. The four naked women in the church are the subject of the legend. Four women are sinners, and each has committed different sins. The first woman to be attacked by a snake cannot be fully understood due to her destruction. Others are clearly visible. The second woman is punished by snakes for not breastfeeding her child. The third woman was punished for lying, and the other woman was attacked by a snake in the ears for disobeying and disobeying. The depictions on the walls are like this. There are other churches in the area where the Yılanlı Church is located. While coming to the region, other churches should be seen and their historical textures should be absorbed. Each church has different characteristics within itself. It is necessary not to leave Cappadocia without seeing the churches, which are of high importance.
There are two of the Serpentine within the borders of Cappadocia. Serpentine there are two different churches in Göreme and Ihlara valley. Both churches are known by this name. The Yılanlı church, located within the borders of Göreme, takes its name from a different legend. It was named Serpentine because the dragon figure on the walls of the church is likened to a snake.

Where is Yılanlı Church?

The question of where is the Serpentine church is asked by travelers who want to visit this church. It is among the most visited churches as its location is extremely central and easy to access. The church is located within the borders of Aksaray province. It is exactly 35 km from the city center.
It is very easy to reach the Serpentine church. Due to its location, people can reach it quickly. You can go to Ihlara Valley by public transportation vehicles departing from the city center and departing hourly.

How Much is Yılanlı Church Entrance Fee?

It is not necessary to pay any fee to visit the Serpentine church and other churches in the vicinity. In other words, there is no entry fee for the Serpentine. People can visit these churches as they wish, during visiting hours. Since it is necessary to pay a fee when entering the Ihlara valley, there is no need to pay an additional fee to the churches inside. People can also use a museum card to avoid paying any fees while entering the Ihlara Valley. With the museum card, it is possible to enter free of charge twice a year. Since Ihlara Valley takes an entrance fee, it is not necessary to pay an extra fee while visiting the historical buildings in the valley.
At the same time, it is necessary to consider the visiting hours of the Ihlara Valley in order to visit the churches. In summer and winter, there are changes in visiting hours. In summer, people can visit between 08:00 in the morning and 19:30 in the evening, while visiting hours are less in winter. In winter, it is possible to enter between 08:00 and 17:00 in the morning. Winter hours apply between November and March. Summer hours are also applied in April and October. Visitors should also take these hours into account.

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