St. Nicholas Church

Cappadocia is one of the regions that can bring people with different tastes together at common points. If you wish, you can visit historical areas and see fairy chimneys. You can also participate in many fun activities and spend time in nature. If you wish, you can prepare an efficient holiday plan beforehand to explore all of Cappadocia to the fullest.

St. Nicholas Church History

The Church of St. Nicholas is one of the important symbols of the region. The church, which is around Mustafa Pasha, is located in the Manastır valley. You will come across many churches in this valley. Each of them has different stories and architectures. The common points are; that they were centuries ago.
While visiting the Cchurch of St. Nicholas, you can go to the old times of history and feel the spirit of that time. This church, which is also given great importance by the village people, took its name from a highly respected clergyman in the Orthodox world.
Although there is no clear information about the construction date of the monastery, it is estimated that it was built in the second half of the 19th century. However, according to various rumors, you can see that there were also narratives about this monastery in the 18th century.
When you enter the Church of St. Nicholas, you can see that 4 different sections greet you. Some of these sections were built by carving into the rocks, as you can see in many parts of Cappadocia.

How to Get to St. Nicholas Church?

It is very easy to reach the St. Nicholas church in the Mustafapaşa area. You can come to the church, which is only 5 km from Urgup, with your own vehicle. It is also very common to rent a bicycle in Cappadocia. You can easily come to this region with the bikes you rent. There are also many daily tours in Cappadocia. If you want to visit all the sights accompanied by a professional, you can also take advantage of these tours.

Who is St. Nicholas?

St. Nicholas is a saint who gave his name to many churches in Turkey. It is highly respected around the world. It is estimated that the saint, who was born at the end of the 3rd century, lived in Patara, where Lycia ruled at that time.
Born to a very wealthy family, Saint Nicholas’ father died at an early age and he was raised by his uncle, who was a clergyman. It is said that the captain of the ship he traveled to died while returning from Jerusalem, where the saint, known for his help to the poor, went to fulfill his pilgrimage mission, and he turned into a hero by bringing the ship to Datça.
Although St. Nicholas is loved by the people for helping the people and the oppressed, he was imprisoned by the sultan for a while and even given a death warrant. However, with the change of the sultan, he regained his freedom.
Saint Nicholas, who started to be seen as a savior in the seas, tried sweetgum oil, which is known for its healing during his visit to the island of Kos, on patients in different regions and helps them to find healing. For this reason, many people think of hope when St. Nicholas is mentioned.

Where is St. Nicholas Church Map

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