Wish Hill and Kılıçaslan Gazi Tomb

Wish Hill and Kılıçaslan Gazi Tomb” is located within the boundaries of Ürgüp. Ürgüp, with its rich history and significant historical structures, is an important tourist area. It holds a prominent place among the Cappadocia regions. In the Byzantine periods, it was known by the names Osiana and Hagios Prokopios. During the Seljuk period, it was called Başhisar, and in the Ottoman period, it took the name Burgut Castle. With the Republic period, its name became Ürgüp. It has witnessed various civilizations and carries the traces of many different cultures. Therefore, it is situated among highly important regions. It is a must-visit destination for anyone organizing a trip within the borders of Cappadocia.

Temenni Tepesi (Wish Hill) is located in the center of the Nevşehir Ürgüp region. The central area of Ürgüp is precisely 22 km away from Nevşehir. Ürgüp is not only known for its historical features but also for its unique nature, drawing attention with its extraordinary landscapes. Here, it is possible to see the Fairy Chimneys, a gift and art of the world, known as one of the most embroidered places in the world. Temenni Tepesi is located in the center of this region. The hill has a height of 80 meters and provides a direct view of the city panorama. It can be easily seen from all over Ürgüp due to its central location and considerable height.

This hill, composed of rock, got its name from the place where wishes were made by tying ribbons. The use of the name “Temenni” dates back to ancient times, and evidence of this can even be found in Sumerian texts. One of its meanings is “a sacred place where prayers are made.” Another meaning includes “sacrificial area.” It has been a sacred place of prayer, and people have been tying ribbons on this hill for generations in the hope that their wishes and prayers will come true.

Urgup Wish Hill Features

Temenni Tepesi, (Wish Hill)” located within the boundaries of Cappadocia, is among the must-visit tourist destinations. This area stands out with its historical structures and is visited by tourists throughout the year. Temenni Tepesi is situated 1140 meters above sea level. Its southern, eastern, and western slopes are formed by rock walls approximately 30 meters long. To reach the observation balcony, visitors can pass through a tunnel carved out of rocks, measuring 80-100 meters in length. When you ascend the windy hill, Ürgüp can be easily seen at all times, and on clear days, even the summit of Mount Erciyes is visible. The panoramic view from this elevated location is a sight to behold.

Upon reaching the top of Ürgüp’s Temenni Tepesi (Wish Hill), visitors are greeted by a tea garden where they can take a break. The tea garden offers the opportunity to taste local pastries prepared for breakfast. The venue also features various aesthetic Ürgüp photos. Felix Marie Charles Texier, a visitor to Cappadocia known worldwide, placed his canvas on Temenni Tepesi and drew Kadı Kalesi and Yunak Mahallesi. Even the narrow streets of Ürgüp can be observed from here. The magnificent features and the visual feast it provides to individuals make it a prime reason to be visited by all.

The Historical Story of Ürgüp Wish Hill

The story of Temenni Hill (Wish Hill) , along with its historical texture, makes it one of the places that must be visited. Tombs resembling boats, known as “taka mezarlar,” have been discovered on Temenni Hill. The hill was considered sacred in ancient times, leading people to fight to be buried there. The boat-shaped tombs could accommodate a total of 5 individuals. The burial process involved digging deep into the ground to place one person at the bottom and two on each side, creating a kind of shelf-like structure.

Being a tomb owner on the hill was a privilege reserved for special individuals. In addition to the boat-shaped tombs, there are also two cylindrical tombs, known as “kümbet.” The one located immediately to the right at the entrance of the hill is actually built as a shrine, accompanied by a single grave. In Temenni Hill, these structures are identified as the Tomb of Kılıçarslan Gazi and Memorial Graves. The history of this shrine dates back to the period of the Anatolian Seljuks. Alaeddin Keykubat, one of the Seljuk sultans who sought refuge in Ürgüp to escape from the struggles for the throne and the Mongol invasion, was captured and killed here. According to tradition, sultans had to be killed without shedding blood, and it is rumored that they were strangled with a bowstring.

Although it is said that Rükneddin Kılıçaslan and Alaeddin Keykubat are buried in the shrine, these tombs were constructed only to show respect for their memories. The remains of the sultans were taken to Konya. Before their death, these sultans had lived in Ürgüp for a while. The symbolic tombs of the sultans were recorded as a shrine by the Governor of Kayseri, Muhammed Vecihi, during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid in 1852 and were converted into a shrine. At that time, the shrine had a shrine keeper and received a constant allowance from the palace. The marble and indigo inscription of the Kılıçarslan Gazi Shrine is exhibited at the Ürgüp Museum. Visitors to Temenni Hill are also recommended to visit the museum located in the region.

How to Get to Temenni Hill?

Temenni Hill is quite easy to reach, as it is only 10 minutes away from Nevşehir. When traveling by car, you can arrive within 10 minutes. It is located right in the center of Ürgüp, in the heart of the region. It rises like a monument and can be easily seen from everywhere around. The highest point of Ürgüp town center is Temenni Hill.

How Much is Temenni Tepesi Entrance Fee?

Temenni Hill entrance fee is a common concern for those who wish to visit the area. Exploring this prominent site, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in the Ürgüp region, is completely free of charge. Individuals can freely wander around the hill without any cost. The entrance to Temenni Hill is free of charge.

Things to Do near Temenni Hill

Those who come to visit Ürgüp should start by taking a stroll through its streets, which boast historical structures and captivating architecture. To see the successful Taşkınpaşa Complex, built since the 12th century, a visit to Taşkınpaşa Village is recommended. The complex, constructed by the Seljuk sultans, is highly valued for its stone craftsmanship. It is one of the most special places to witness.

Another noteworthy site after Whish Hill is the Kadı Castle, standing at a height of 100 meters. It served as a shelter for women and children during times of war. Some parts of this important historical structure still stand and are essential to explore. Another popular destination for Cappadocia trips in the vicinity of Ürgüp is Pancarlık Valley. Those interested in valley excursions can organize a trip to Pancarlık, Keşlik, and Üzengi Valleys, which offer breathtaking views. Visitors often enjoy watching the sunset and experiencing delightful moments in the evenings. Within the boundaries of Ürgüp, individuals can also find numerous local restaurants to taste various regional delicacies, including must-try dishes like Testi Kebabı.

Ürgüp has underground cities and other places worth visiting. Those who come to explore Temenni Hill should also visit the underground city located here, which is adjacent to Temenni Hill like an underground city.

Where is Wish Hill Map


What’s on the top of your wish?

At the top, privileged individuals could become tomb owners. In addition to the boat-shaped tombs, there are also two cylindrical tombs, known as “kümbet.” The one located immediately to the right at the entrance of the hill is actually built as a shrine, accompanied by a single grave. In Temenni Hill, these structures are identified as the Tomb of Kılıçarslan Gazi and Memorial Graves.

How Much is Wish Tepesi Entrance Fee? Is Temenni Tepesi paid?

Is Temenni Tepesi paid?
Temenni Hill entrance fee is a curiosity for those who want to visit the region. It is completely free to visit this region, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in the Urgup region. People can visit the hill for free as they wish. Entry to Temenni Hill is free.

Wish Hill and Kılıçaslan Gazi Tomb Photos

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