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Those organizing trips to the Cappadocia region, one of Turkey’s most touristy areas, should not leave without taking a Melendiz River tour. Cappadocia, with its hot air balloons, Fairy chimneys, and underground cities, is a splendid tourist destination. Those planning a visit here must explore these areas.

It is flooded with both local and international tourists. After climbing the valleys and enjoying a magnificent nature walk, individuals often feel the need to rest somewhere. Ihlara valley provides the most beautiful resting opportunities in this regard. Following a trip to Ihlara valley, tourists can relax by the Melendiz River. This river is 14 km long, with some parts reaching a height of 110 meters. Its distinctive appearance captures a great deal of attention. In Ihlara valley, shelters, churches, tombs, and the river itself are among the attractions.

Melendiz Stream Ihlara

Ihlara valley, known as a meeting point of different cultures, boasts the Melendiz River. With its earthy appearance, vibrant nature, and tranquil scenery, it provides a perfect setting for enjoying tea after a trip. The Melendiz River, stretching 14 km, extends all the way to Lake Tuz. For those who prefer indulging in nature by eating and drinking rather than taking a walk, the pergolas set up along the river offer magnificent opportunities for relaxation.

The length and slope of the walking trail can create questions in the minds of first-time visitors. The long hiking trail may seem intimidating, but the breathtaking view of the valley completely erases any doubts. Visitors who witness the scenery are eager to enjoy every moment and explore every corner.

Where is Melendiz Stream?

Questions like “Where is Melendiz River?” are commonly asked by those planning to visit. Melendiz River starts from Ihlara and ends in Selime. Aksaray’s Melendiz River has a unique soil and rock structure due to the eruptions of lava during the active periods of Mount Hasan. Because of its exceptional characteristics, many people visit the river. There are 400 stairs within the valley leading down to the Melendiz River. While descending the stairs is relatively easy, visitors may feel the need for a high energy level on the way back.

How to go to Melendiz Stream?

Melendiz River can be reached by travelers either via the Nevşehir-Aksaray road or the Derinkuyu road. The choice between these options may depend on the type of scenery one wishes to accompany their journey. Both routes allow for a quick and efficient arrival at Melendiz River. For those who wish to see different places along the way, the route may vary. The journey to and from Melendiz River can be completed using entirely different roads, allowing travelers to experience the landscapes of both routes.

For those coming from the Istanbul area and aiming to reach Ihlara valley, they can progress through the Bolu Mountain road, enjoying a scenic journey through nature. Additionally, another transportation route is available through Niğde, offering the opportunity to see various villages along the way and embrace different cultures.

Eating on Melendiz Stream

Melendiz Stream breakfast is a good option for those who come here early. People who want to both travel and meet with the tastes of the region can eat in the gazebos located on the tea, accompanied by a unique view. It is preferred by many people due to its very pleasant atmosphere. Eating on the gazebos placed on the water is a unique experience.

Places to Visit near Melendiz Stream

Melendiz River having been explored, it is essential to visit other nearby areas as well. Narlıgöl Crater Lake, Kaymaklı underground city, and Gaziemir underground Caravanserai are among the must-visit places. Narlıgöl Crater Lake, formed by a unique beauty after a volcanic eruption, is a place that must be visited. It is located after a sign encountered when approaching Ihlara. These areas near Melendiz River are indispensable places to visit with their unique beauties and historical structures.

Kaymaklı underground city is located on the road to Ihlara, making it a site that should not be missed. Due to its significant importance among underground cities, it is a place that visitors to the region should explore without skipping. It is an 8-story underground city with unique features, including its distinctive ventilation system and mechanisms.

Gaziemir underground caravanserai is also a place that must be visited. Located on the Ihlara road, this caravanserai has important historical structures that should not be overlooked. It is approximately 40 km away from the valley.

Melendiz Stream Visiting Hours

Ihlara valley, welcoming visitors in every season, has specific visiting hours for its gem, the Melendiz River. Those wishing to engage in fishing or simply relax in this stunning scenery must come during specific time intervals. These intervals may vary depending on the seasons. From April to October, visits can be made between 08:00 and 15:00. In November and March, visits are possible from 08:00 to 17:00. This way, visits can be scheduled according to the dates and hours that are suitable.

How much is the Melendiz Tea Entrance Fee?

Ihlara valley is home to many must-visit places, and Melendiz River, being one of them, is considered a tranquil area by those who come to the region, offering a breathtaking panorama. It is perceived as a relaxing spot due to its perfect scenery, providing people with a sense of peace through its silence and serenity. To access this unique beauty, visitors are required to pay a certain entrance fee. The fees may vary from year to year, but with reasonably priced admissions, one can savor the taste of this extraordinary view.

Where Is Melendiz Stream Spilled?

Aksaray province is home to the Melendiz River, nestled within Ihlara Valley, and continues to captivate with its unique landscapes. This river, visited by numerous domestic and international tourists, offers a sense of tranquility and calmness. Its unparalleled scenery, along with its serene and quiet nature, helps people distance themselves from stress and find relaxation. Therefore, it is frequently visited by both locals and foreign tourists, marking its significance among the must-visit places in the Cappadocia region.

Melendiz River is 14 km long and boasts significant elevations, prompting people to wonder where Melendiz River flows. Originating from Melendiz Mountain, the river flows into Lake Tuz. Preserving itself since ancient times, the river was known as Potamus Kapadukus during that era. With its unique nature, it continues to welcome visitors in the present day, allowing people to relax and find peace amidst its stunning landscapes.

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